Drone City Dubai animation

Animated concept presentation


With a concept challenging to change the view towards drone development and use in urban areas Innovation Lab participated in the competition organized by the UAE Government, inviting the most creative and innovative minds from all around the world to find solutions that will improve and change people’s life.

The first stage of contest required to submit a concept description, supplemented by a 2 minutes video presentation of the idea. Visuals illustarted and animated Innovation Lab’s proposal offering to create an open drone platform, Droi.

Droi and Drone city

Idea behind

Droi is open source hardware combined with an open source software, that would make it possible for everyone to become a drone inventor.

The concept and its potential was explained in a form of animation, making a complex idea understandable in seconds and more representative.

The solution

In order to simplify the idea and be able to persuasively explain it in 2 minutes it was decided to use simple drawings that would reflect each scene of the script. The process of developing a motion graphic solution started by clarifying the narrative, recording it, brainstorming on storyboard ideas, drawing images for each frame and  animating them.

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