Case animation

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Usual freelance platforms provide job opportunities for very diverse range of specializations. Finally there is a freelance platform that focuses exclusively on engineering services - from construction and mechanical engineering to IT and space age innovations. is an online marketplace for freelance engineers opening new possibilities for work and collaboration. Read more on

Attract attention and Build the community

Currently platform is still in Alpha version and since not every functionality is yet available to the users, an engaging presentation has an important role in order to get the message across and welcome engineers and companies to join the community.

In collaboration with Visuals, has created a lively animation that not only introduces the concept but also higlights the core values and underlines the most important benefits that members of community are granted with.

From idea to Moving pictures

The production process for a 2D animation usually takes approximately 2 weeks to complete from the moment final script has been handed over to the design team.

It starts with creation of a detailed storyboard and is continued by drawing of  illustrations and motion graphics. The design process is iterative from animation planning to its actual production.

Cut through the noise

Animated explainer videos are great at capturing the attention.  It’s estimated that 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video, which is not a surprising fact considering that our attention span online has significantly decreased over the years.

Animations are great at presenting a business, an idea or even explaining difficult concepts. It has an effect on two of our senses at once- visual and auditory. Animations activate our long-term memory making animated stories more memorable, educational and engaging. The entertaining factor in animations make them more likely to be shared on social media, which is a great boost for the SEO and brand recognition.