Explainer Animation for Atea

Introducing a new service or product for your clients with a colorful Explainer Video

Welcome Decision Enabler - a newly developed online tool in collaboration with Atea, visualizing specific IT services for the given client, and providing a valid benchmark, which the client can consider when deciding upon future strategic IT decisions.

With Atea Decision Enabler at hand, the clients are guaranteed an overview of which systems fits within their already existing internal data centers - and which can be moved to an external cloud in order to enhance efficiency and reduce cost. Atea Decision Enabler is built in modules so that the individual platform can be easily customized and measured by the given company's unique KPIs, as well as ensuring the highest level of security and advice throughout the process.

Visuals by Innovation Lab created a one-minute explainer animation that presents the platform and engages both internally in Atea and works as external advertising material.

Atea Decision Enabler

Benefits of Explainer Videos within cloud-services

With change as the only constant in the world of IT and technology, many companies have a hard time predicting future consequences if changing their existing IT setup - especially when considering cloud-as-service. Remedying this struggle for clients with a tool like Decision Enabler allows for both clarity and new perspectives, but when it comes to explaining this to clients, text alone can be tricky since there are so many ways people can interpret what they read. Furthermore, our way of remembering new things differs from person to person - while some people gain knowledge through reading, other people do so through voice or video. 



Therefore, by adding an explainer video to point out the basic functions and usefulness of a product or service, you make sure you reach the interest of as broad a base of people as possible. In other words, explainer videos help you to connect better with your existing and potential customer by explaining what your services and products can do for them and why they should choose you over other competing businesses, thereby taking the guess work out of the service/product, if text stands alone.

If you would like to boost your brand, explain a service or an idea and get an animation created specially for you or your brand, contact Visuals by Innovation Lab!