Innovation Lab's story

Explainer animation of Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab represents a number of micro companies working in different areas related to innovation, new technology and digitalization. Having such a variety of expertise makes it difficult to explain what Innovation Lab does in just a few words, therefore the Manifesto of Innovation Lab's culture was created. 

Visuals were challenged to transform the story into a lively, appealing and representative animation, making it easier to understand what the company and its culture is all about. 

Innovation Lab story

A way towards the solution

The development of the Innovation Lab's story consisted of several parts: workshops, brainstorming, storyboard process, sketches, illustrations and anmations. As a cultural video, it had to reflect the feeling of the company and its core idea. Further on, it can be used to present the company during events, on Social media, workshops and even new to employees. 

If you would like to boost your brand, explain a service or an idea and get an animation created specially for you or your brand, contact Visuals by Innovation Lab!