S2B Connect explainer-animation

"Student-to-Business" a new way of connecting talent with opportunity


An Australian startup with an inspiring goal.

S2B Connect is an Australian startup with a great mission - to build professional connections between students and businesses. S2B Connect has developed a community-like online platform where both,- students and business professionals- can create profiles and connect to one another.  

Using this platform businesses can post mentoring-opportunities, internships or even find their next employee. Also students now have a channel through which they are able to reach out to businesses that value the innovators of tomorrow - win/win.

Great ideas deserve to be heard

In collaboration with Visuals by Innovation Lab, S2B Connect created the colorful animation you see at the top of this page, which not only presents the idea to the community, but also pinpoints the exciting opportunities it uncovers. Animation is a very effective tool for getting your messages across.

S2B Connect have integrated this new "explainer animation-video" into their website, and it can be used both as a great attention-grabber for the users who land on their site, but also as a nice opener for any presentation in the future. Furthermore animations are easily shareable on the Internet, meaning that their idea has the potential of reaching audiences from all across the world.

It all starts with a story

The whole process started by S2B Connect developing their story. Visuals by Innovation Lab then transformed it into separate scenes of a storyboard, each underlining and visualizing an essential part of the narrative. Meanwhile the graphics team selected a suitable illustration-style and developed characters, based on the graphic identity of the online community.

There was frequent communication with S2B Connect, throughout the process of illustration and animation, to ensure the quality of the end product, proper unfolding of the story and suitable representation of their visual identity.

There is just no quicker way of getting the attention of the audience, creating interest, desire and calling to action.

Animation videos are one of the most efficient ways of communicating complex messages to a large audience. The shift from text to video is more apparent than ever on the Internet, especially on the various social media platforms, where GIFs, Vines and other kinds of video are becoming the predominant type of content.

Visuals by Innovation Lab love creating these kinds of videos, and have helped numerous companies get their message across, in a way that emphasizes their core values and visual identity.