Skandia personas

User segment visualization and Print design

Attracting new customers

Innovation Lab’s collaboration with Skandia aimed to bring new ideas and solutions of how to attract new audiences and encourage people to think about their future and pension funds. Innovation Lab brought a number of new ideas and made a detailed user research that gave a lot of insights of what people are interested in, what are their expectations and what kind of services and new implementations would give the biggest benefit to them.  

User profiles

In order to get an understanding of Skandia’s audience it was decided to make illustrative user profiles that were based on the research results. Merging them together with detailed profile descriptions, their needs and wishes created a possibility for all the company to see who are their users and what are their expectations.

Results of the project

The outcome of this project were detailed profile and scenario illustrations, developed according to people’s personality, habits, work, health, age, activities and expectations. Further on these illustration were used in specially designed posters and cardboard standees. 

Each of the fictive user profile was illustrated based on the gathered insights, reflecting the personality of each user segment. It was important to create a simple though realistic picture. That would allow actual users to recognise themselves as one of the profiles and find out how being a Skandia client could be meaningful exactly for them. Scenarios illustrate user actions in daily life, expressing their habits and hobbies.  

Posters combined Illustrations with the most relevant information were used as a presentation material for the audience. In this way people could see what benefits Skandia can offer to each client type. The bottom part of the posters was reserved for the transparent pockets where Scandia could add description of products related to the specific user profile.

If you would like to get to know your customers better, visualize them, their needs and customer scenarious , contact Visuals by Innovation Lab!