Masterclass: Find Your Compass - The Secret Power of a Brand

Onsdag, 22 marts, 2017 - 09:00 to 12:00
Personal branding, and finding the essence of who you are

This Masterclass is for people who: 1) wish to find their own personal core, 2) want to make use of the benefits of using oneself as a personal brand as an attraction point for business partners, collaborators, customers and colleagues, and 3) want to gain knowledge, inspiration, and experience from a pioneer within branding and gain insight from the man behind the concept "Personal Branding"

Branding is story-telling with a fancy name. A brand is a powerful compass you can use to filter decisions that range from marketing and messaging to product development and human resources. Finding this compass - the essence of who you are - is the result of a simple yet extremely powerful process you will learn to apply in three hours. This process was created by Silicon Valley entrepreneur and masterful story-teller JC Velten, and has been applied by tech companies, CPGs, energy companies, venture capital firms, social enterprise organizations, and even an entire city in Silicon Valley. If you really want to stop the never-ending positioning nonsense on its tracks, this workshop is for you.

TAKE-AWAYS: 1) a qualified bid on your own, personal brand 2) a deeper understanding of the importance of personal branding, and 3) knowledge about how to use your personal brand the best way directly from the man, who invented the concept "personal branding"


Aarhus: Innovation Lab, Mindegade 13, 2. sal, 8000 Aarhus C.

Language: English


2800,- (For members: 2000,-)

NB: if you do also to attend our Masterclass "Corporate Branding" the same day, the price will be only 5000,- for both (or 3500,- in total for our Innovation Lab members)

For sign-up, please contact Kia at


Juan Carlos Velten

Silicon Valley inventor, entrepreneur, teacher, marketer, screenwriter, altruist. JC uses his talents to show companies how to access and stay the "innovation zone" to develop superior product development, ingenious marketing and kick-ass messaging. His experience includes running global brands at P&G, starting and selling a tech company in Silicon Valley, starting and failing three more, running Harvard's largest non-profit in San Francisco and teaching as a guest lecturer at Stanford. He holds an MBA from Harvard, two degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and a masters in philosophy.