Animate your culture!

Add words and feelings to your cause!

Reveal your culture

Joi Ito of MIT Media Lab says it well when describing how the importance of identity and personality in a Digital Age is replacing the need for control and division of the Industrial Age: ”Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. With a strong culture, you need less management, less bureaucracy and can attract more talent at less cost. What’s not to like?

But most companies have difficulties in deciphering their culture that is buried under layers of corporate BS, Industrial Era standardized MBA-wisdom and nuted misinterpretations of professionalism into bland neutralism. So bring your inner company out, let us help you put words, animations and feelings to your cause.

What are the benefits?

We think cultural animations can:

  • Bring about a process that can bring back your culture, enhance it – or make you realize that you don’t have one and start working on it…
  • Bring employees to rally around the big WHY of your organization. What are you about, what do you believe in?
  • Give your future employees, your clients, your stakeholdes, something they can relate to, give them a person to person format to get a sense of the kind of personality your brand possesses.