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Customer journeys and profiles

Get to know your users!

Refined by the experts

AirBnB has perfected it to an art and has artists from Pixar draw it out for them, and indeed most disrupting companies work hard to keep their allegiance with users – defining and acting on touchpoints in the journey that a customer embarks upon when engaging with your company and your products. 

What are the benefits?

Innovation Lab has worked with organizations large and small to map the entire customer journey and visualize this in a format that allows for you to centre your attention on attracting and retaining customers in a symbiotic relationship with ample ”stickiness” to your offerings.

In our minds, customer journeys are great for:

  • Structuring and revising your value proposition – what are we to our customers?
  • Pinpointing the value added and more importantly where you can easily add more value, perhaps even at no extra cost, to keep a good customer loyal.
  • Aligning the company, the department around not just a customer centric perspective but around what the client ACTUALLY sees when looking back at you. And what you should do about it!
Take a look at few examples from AirBnB (

If you would like to get to know your customers better, visualize them, their needs and customer scenarious , contact Visuals by Innovation Lab!