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The ILAB Sprint

Great solutions fast.

Great solutions are needed fast. And we love building great solutions fast. In our effort to help you stay relevant we developed the ILAB Sprint.


We give you answers to opportunities or threats in 4 weeks with minimum effort from you and your team.


The need for innovation and digitalisation is greater than ever and the tools for fast-paced problem solving are readily available. But most companies struggle in allocating resources to come up with great solutions in short time. The combined cost of building and testing two competing solutions is in most cases cheaper and faster than trying to figure out which will be the best. Let us help you build and test both. Bringing fast-paced innovation to the forefront of every organisation is what we do at Innovation Lab.

Innovation is often hard and expensive but should be easy and cheap


If you recognize any of the following excuses, the ILAB sprint might interest you:  

  • Developing and testing new ideas is difficult and costly

  • Death By Pilot

  • No time, no money

  • The idea or problem is unknown = no budget

  • We need to involve everyone = it’s expensive

  • We have an idea, but don’t know how to proceed

  • We see a problem, but not the solution

The ILAB Sprint

Over a period of 4 weeks we build and test new product ideas, services, business models, strategic action plans or organisational redesigns. At the end of the four weeks we present, evaluate and plan the next steps with you. Or whether the next sprint should be a marathon.

innovation sprint concept development
ILAB Sprint Process

All steps are bite-sized and can be skipped, lessened or enlarged according to the problem at hand and learning curve needed.


The output could be:

  • the wireframes of your new app, website or other digital solution

  • a completely new (digital) business model

  • the action plan that supports your digital strategy

  • or a reshaping of the very structure and processes of innovation in your organisation

Most likely some combination, as we firmly believe that a great solution & business model should inform your strategy & organisational set up and vice versa.

innovation sprint concept development
From product to purpose...and vice versa

You will spend time with us primarily during the first and last week. We will spend time at your company and back at the Lab as needed...and bring in hackers, designers, coders and international experts when necessary. Time spent at your company gives you and your team the opportunity to learn from us and vice versa thus ensuring alignment and ownership of the output. If needed, the ILAB Sprint concept can be rolled out company-wide with internal facilitators running the show.


We build the sprint to help you make decisions faster by pushing more successful projects through the funnel. Let's do the right things right.


For the past 3 years, we have sprinted with clients, both small and large, public and private, and the ILAB Sprint is the condensation of what we learned.

innovation sprint concept development
ILAB Sprint clients


Wan't to find out if the ILAB Sprint is right for your company? Call or email Anders (61650768 / or Martin (52302055 /